Physical Fitness and Learning

“The human body is build for movement and vigorous activity not for rest. It functions very efficiently when it is active, if you do not use it you lose it” is an old saying which is true.

“Physical fitness and wellness are one’s richest possession, they cannot be purchased, they are to be earned through regular and systematic fitness programme and positive lifestyle habits”.

Healthy and fit citizen is an asset while a week person is a liability. An educated individual is physically fit, mentally alert, intellectually sharp, emotionally balanced and socially well adjusted. Physical fitness is an important factor of an individual.

Physical fitness is essential to good health and is one of the best things you can do for your body mind and spirit. It will help in to improve the way your body works and can make you look better and live longer.
Why physical fitness is important in learning?

Development of personaility

Physical fitness helps an individual to maintain their physique. This helps in development of personality. Personality doesn’t mean only inner appearance it also means about their outer or physical appearance. Personality also based on physical appearance of an individual. So it plays an important role in development of personality.

Growth & Development

Physical fitness helps the people in growth and development. When an individual takes part in programme then it will be help in growth and development. It improves the blood circulation. It will also help in growth and development of muscles. It refreshes the mind and body which helps in focusing on learning/studies. Poor posture is major cause of injury. Physical fitness improves the body posture and also improves the physical appearance.

Helps in coping with stress

Physical fitness helps in coping with stress. Indeed, a healthy lifestyle enhance the psychological power of an individual to cope with stress as well as anxiety and ultimately it improves the mental health of an individual. When an individual take part regularly in fitness training programme, then he also able to relieve stress and tension of life up to some extent and feel fresh and calm.

Reduce depression and rise quality of work

Physical fitness helps in reducing the depression. In fact, a healthy lifestyle helps in accomplishing a healthy body which in turn elevate hormones levels in the body that regulates the mood. This hormone helps in reducing depression. Aphysically fit person can concentrate well on his work/job which improves his efficiency and results in better quality of work.
Increase energy

Physical fitness increases the level 0f energy. An individual with healthy body feels more energetic which means more productivity in day to day living. With the increased level of energy, we can accomplish more work in our life which in turn provides a greater sense of satisfaction.
When individuals are taking part regularly in fitness programme then their various systems also get exercised which improves their efficiency of functioning.

Fitness At School Level

School based physical fitness should create the awareness among students that is possible to achieve the highest level of health and well-being by participating in regular physical exercise programme. Physical fitness helps in the growth and development of students. It helps in to refreshing their mind and body. Physical fitness also helps in mental development of students.

Benefits for students

• They look better.
• They are more productive in their everyday task.
• They have reduced level of stress and tension.
• They experience fewer complaints of body and mind.
• They exhibit a better sleeping pattern.
• They experienced improved psychological benefits.
• They enjoy life more.
• They feel better and have more energy.

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