How Fitness Helped Mankofit To Get Out Of Depression?

Massiel Arias’s journey of overcoming through depression to a fitness motivator

She is also a model and entrepreneur. She is a health coach and personal trainer and also a popular celebrity on instagram with 2.2 million followers. On the online platform she is formally known as MankoFit.
Massiel Arias was born on November 23, 1988 in Dominican Republic. In hope of better life she moved from Caribbean to L.A. at age of 14. She learns to be independent at the age of 16 with limited English.

She faced many struggles at a very early age. Her parents divorced after her birth. She has three elder brothers. After some time her mother remarried but she stays in contact to her biological father. In 2004, she moved to USA and lives in Queens, New York.


After that her elder brother discovered with cancer. She gave up scholarship at State University of New York and she chooses a local school and lives at home in New York so she will close to her family and give them financially support.

After part time job, full time school and daily visit of hospital makes her pretty thin. After improved her brother’s condition her mental health were dive. After that she got into a relationship with an emotionally abusive guy. He cheated on her with women. As a result she is suffering from body image issue, stress and start smoking and drinking alcohol.

She locked herself into a room for many days. She doesn’t want to talk with anybody. She skips her meals. Eventually, she started losing her wait and hairs.

After explaining of her near one’s specially her mother and nurse she understand and start looking up towards her mental health. Spending time in gym, working out and feeling of her sweating body gives her happiness. She shares her ideas and journey on social media.

She was not that financially strong to have a personal trainer. She doesn’t have enough money. She gathered knowledge about fitness from books. She spent lot of time in library for knowing about how to keep body fit and active. It improved her mental health and personality. Physical fitness makes her more energetic. It elevates the mood and makes her self-confident which results in a better quality of life.

She began hoping in elliptical to get her body in motion. 5 minute session turn into 10 minute session. She slowly gained her strength and 10 minute session turned into 30-45 minute session. She loved spending time in gym. She also started weight training for strengthen her body. Fitness shaped her life. She started meeting new peoples at gym. Exercise was occupying her mind and erasing the depression.

She used exercise as a drug. Nowadays, Massy is an inspiration for women. She shows the physical benefit of exercise to see how much working out can help to improves ones mental health. Massy’s whole fitness journey is self-taught. She ended up in the library looking up books and to learn the correct way to train and right way to eat. Weight training helps her to gain a muscular frame.

In 2016, Massy tell about her pregnancy on instagram and her picture at 19 weeks of pregnancy and she showed her six-pack abs perfectly and saying that it is possible to stay in a shape while healthy pregnancy. After giving birth to a beautiful angel she posted a picture of herself with her new baby and showing her superb post-pregnancy shape. It is inspiration for women for wanted to get back in shape after delivery.
Her methods on how she overcome from depression through workout helped as a motivation among the people. Massy Arias workout sessions taught most of the people about positivity.

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